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Updated 7/2/2014

Dear SU406 Leaders:


Here is the information that we have so far for the 4th of July Parade.  The service unit has submitted the application and all of the Girl Scouts march together as a group (usually the Scouts are all grouped together).  Here is the link to the official handout from the village: http://www.hoffmanestates.com/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9066


Friday, July 4th, 2014

Theme:  America:  Yesterday, Today, and Forever


Decoration:  if you are pulling wagons, they must be decorated.  Your troop can also do something theme related.


Parade uniform:  the traditional uniform for girls is khaki shorts/skirts/pants and white shirt with their vest/sash.  Please make sure the girls are wearing comfortable shoes – no flip flops – as the route is 1 mile long.  Traditionally we have not required parade dress and many troops have not had this discussion with their girls.  In observing parades in the past, it is impressive to see all of the Boy Scouts in their uniforms and we do have an official dress code when representing Girl Scouts.  If you would like to institute this with your girls, that would be great, but we are not making it a requirement.


Assemble:  Assemble at the Township Building at Illinois Blvd and Schaumburg Road by 7:45am.  Then you will walk to our starting spot and the parade will kick off at 9am – we do not have our starting spot yet and it will be posted/e-mailed/facebooked as soon as I get it.  Usually a non-marching parent will drop everyone off at Illinois Blvd/Maple Park and then will drive around and park at the end of the route, which is at Evanston Street (so I’ve heard recommendations to park near St. Hubert’s).


Candy:  it is permissible to hand out candy during the parade.  Troops are responsible for bringing their own.  I suggest you have each girl bring a bag of small candy (like little lollipops, tootsie rolls, etc).  Girls have a tendency to want to hand a piece to everyone.  Practice handing out (not throwing) and keeping up with the pace of the parade.  Remember to save candy for the second half of the route.


Permission slips:  this is a troop activity.  All troops should adhere to the adult/girl ratios (see below for the safety activity checkpoint for parades) and ensure that everyone participating with you is a registered Girl Scout.  In addition to this, the parade rules state that there must be a 1 to 6 adult to child ratio.  I have attached a modified permission slip for your use.  All of the wording in yellow highlighting should be replaced with your specific information.  All troops should carry with them:  the girls’ permission slips, medical histories, and a first aid kit (also know who your first aider is).   Please let me know if you are planning to participate.  Send an e-mail to me atsuvista406manager@gmail.com (while we transition the field trip e-mail to a new e-mail for next year) with your troop number and the registered Girl Scout/Leader in charge of the group.  No need to send the actual permission slips to me or even a roster, just make sure I know your troop is marching.


Note:  if your troop is not participating as a group, you may have girls and their parents who might want to march.  That’s ok, they can march as long as they are registered Girl Scouts.  Every girl must have a registered parent with her and responsible for her if the troop is not participating.  That is for the safety of the girls. 


Safety Activity Checkpoints:  here is the link to the on-line Safety Activity Checkpoints.  Remember to check these before going on any field trip and planning activities to make sure you have the proper safety procedures in mind.  If you look on the index under Other Activities, you will see parades (which are on page 146 of the document).  http://www.girlscoutsgcnwi.org/media/files/sac/sac_all.pdf


Parade Patches:  since we are not collecting any $from troops as a service unit, we will not be ordering patches.  You can get them at the shop if you want them.  We will be looking to design a parade patch with rockers going forward if there is enough participation to warrant the expense.


Have fun, take pictures and share them with us!!!




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