January 2019 Cookie To Do and Dates

Hello and welcome to the 2019 Cookie Program!  Below is some information for you to use as we go through the season.

e-Mail Addresses

Please be sure to add the following e-mail addresses into your personal e-mail.

  • su406cookies@gmail.com (Chris and Selena both check this)
  • do_not_reply@littlebrowniebakers.com (this is what important e-mails from the eBudde system come through)
  • email@email.girlscouts.org (this is what important e-mails from Digital Cookie come through)

January 2019 To Do and Calendar

January 1st:  cookie program starts.  Log in to ebudde (ebudde.littlebrownie.com) to make sure you have access.  Reset your own password by clicking the “forgot your password” link”

January 1st:  girls and families can access digital cookie (digitalcookie.girlscouts.org) and set up their site, send e-mails and and start their program off with a bang!

January 13th:  First booth sign up in eBudde at 7pm.  Troops can choose two slots

January 16th:  Troops can add girls to eBudde.  Notice, if you have to add a girl, there is something wrong with her registration.  You must report that she isn’t showing up to reghelp@girlscoutsgcnwi.org and ask what the problem is.

January 20th:  Second booth sign up in eBudde at 7pm.  Troops can choose an additional two slots for a grand total of four slots taken.

January 20th:  last day for On-Line Order/Girl Delivered orders from Digital Cookie.  After today, this option is not available.

January 21st:  On-Line Order/Girl Delivered orders are uploaded to the Imported Line on your eBudde Initial Order Tab.  Do not submit your order before this time.

January 21st – 22nd:  Troops enter their order cards, review their imported and on-line shipped orders, order their booth cookies for February booths and submit their Initial Order and Initial Girl Reward Order in eBudde.

January 27th:  Third booth sign up in eBudde at 7pm.  Unlimited sign ups allowed at this time.