Handling Cookie Money 2019

Hello everyone!  We are coming up to the busy deposit time for cookies.  Here are some suggestions from seasoned cookie volunteers.  As always, please make sure you understand the official finance policies as listed in Volunteer Essentials, chapter 5.  The current version of Volunteer Essentials may be found on the council website here.

Accepting Checks

Yes, we can accept checks.  It is recommended that you only accept checks from those people you know.  If a check is returned for NSF, it is the family who will need to go back to the customer and collect payment.  There is a form to help if the bank charges a fee, which the cookie team will help you with.Read More »

How Digital Cookie orders get into eBudde

Hello!  This is the most frequently asked question.  Council will be sending out a how to email next week, but we have some preliminary information.

Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie (digitalcookie.girlscouts.org) is for GIRLS to have family and friends help them reach their cookie goals on-line.  They send e-mails or the link to their page to people they know (be safe and only contact people you know in real life and trust for orders).  Customers can place orders in three different ways:Read More »

January 2019 Cookie To Do and Dates

Hello and welcome to the 2019 Cookie Program!  Below is some information for you to use as we go through the season.

e-Mail Addresses

Please be sure to add the following e-mail addresses into your personal e-mail.

  • su406cookies@gmail.com (Chris and Selena both check this)
  • do_not_reply@littlebrowniebakers.com (this is what important e-mails from the eBudde system come through)
  • email@email.girlscouts.org (this is what important e-mails from Digital Cookie come through)

January 2019 To Do and Calendar

January 1st:  cookie program starts.  Log in to ebudde (ebudde.littlebrownie.com) to make sure you have access.  Reset your own password by clicking the “forgot your password” link”

January 1st:  girls and families can access digital cookie (digitalcookie.girlscouts.org) and set up their site, send e-mails and and start their program off with a bang!Read More »

Under Construction

Hello SU406 Leaders!  This site is formally under construction.  Stand by for updated content.

Events have been updated on the Events & Flyers page.  The password will be announced at the January leader meeting.

Cookie dates and to dos have been updated