Upcoming Events (Cookie related events in Purple)

February 2019

  • February 2nd:  SU406 World Thinking Day Event
  • February 5th:  Leader Meeting @ Mead Junior High School
  • February 22nd:  Girl Scout Holiday – Actual date of World Thinking Day
  • February 22nd – 24th:  Girl Scout Holiday – National Cookie Weekend

February 2019 Cookie Dates

  • February 4th:  eBudde transaction tab opens for cupboard orders
  • February 10th:  Service Unit Cookie Drive Through Pick Up
  • February 11th:  Cookie Cupboards Open (check out the blog entry)
  • February 26th:  ACH #1 Adjustment form due if needed

March 2019

  • March 5th:  Leader Meeting @ Mead Junior High School
  • March 8th:  Girl Scout Ways badge workshop
  • March 9th:  SU406 Older Girl Expo – TBD
  • March 12th:  Girl Scout Holiday – Girl Scout Birthday!

March 2019 Cookie Dates

  • March 1st:  ACH Sweep 1 (50% of initial order due)
  • March 24th:  All On-Line/Direct Shipped orders end at 11:59pm
  • March 25th:  Cookie Program ends
  • March 26th:  ACH #2 adjustment form due if needed
  • March 26th:  Submit troop/girl final rewards in eBudde