2018-2019 Meeting Notes

See below for the leader meeting notes, hand outs and action items from this year.  Click on the date to see the presentation file.  Note:  the meeting notes have been altered to remove contact information as this is not a protected page.  Effective immediately, meeting notes are no longer e-mailed due to issues with gmail and email validation.  If you need contact information, see the event flyers, your welcome packet, or e-mail su406help@gmail.com.

Meeting Date To Do Handouts
May 7, 2019 –Annual Finance Report
April 9, 2019 –Annual Finance Report

–Sign up for cookie reward pick up (coming shortly)

2019-05-10 Pokemon Go flyer

2019-05-26 Aladdin Movie flyer

March 5, 2019 –By March 25th:  allocate all cookies in eBudde, make bank deposits, submit final rewards
February 5, 2019 –Select time for cookie pickup
January 8, 2019 –Add e-mails for cookie e-mails from vendors
–Submit cookie orders by 1/22
Girl Scout Ways
December 4, 2018 –Attend Cookie Training
–Login to eBudde on 12/15 to check girls
–Submit field trip permission slips
Finance Report on Volunteer Toolkit
November 13, 2018 –White Pines 1st Payment due by 12/4
–Fall Product Reward Pick Up Sign Up
–Attend Cookie Training
Movie Event
Junior Detective
Thinking Dayfield trip vendor fair list
October 2, 2018 –Update leader role by 10/15 for cookie packets
–Fall Product My Creation
–Check Girl Lists in Unify
–Submit ACH
August 28, 2018 All renewal registrations should be complete by 9/25 White Pines Flyer