2018-2019 Meeting Notes

See below for the leader meeting notes, hand outs and action items from this year.  Click on the date to see the presentation file.  Note:  the meeting notes have been altered to remove contact information as this is not a protected page.  All meeting notes were emailed out after the meeting to official leaders, assistant leaders and those who requested to be on the distribution list.  If you need contact information, see the event flyers, your welcome packet, or e-mail su406help@gmail.com.

Meeting Date To Do Handouts
April 9, 2019 –Annual Finance Report

–Sign up for cookie reward pick up (coming shortly)

2019-05-10 Pokemon Go flyer

Aladdin flyer coming next week!

March 5, 2019 –By March 25th:  allocate all cookies in eBudde, make bank deposits, submit final rewards
February 5, 2019 –Select time for cookie pickup
January 8, 2019 –Add e-mails for cookie e-mails from vendors
–Submit cookie orders by 1/22
Girl Scout Ways
December 4, 2018 –Attend Cookie Training
–Login to eBudde on 12/15 to check girls
–Submit field trip permission slips
Finance Report on Volunteer Toolkit
November 13, 2018 –White Pines 1st Payment due by 12/4
–Fall Product Reward Pick Up Sign Up
–Attend Cookie Training
Movie Event
Junior Detective
Thinking Day

field trip vendor fair list

October 2, 2018 –Update leader role by 10/15 for cookie packets
–Fall Product My Creation
–Check Girl Lists in Unify
–Submit ACH
August 28, 2018 All renewal registrations should be complete by 9/25 White Pines Flyer

May 7, 2019