Becoming a Leader

You said “Yes, I will be a leader”, now what?


All leaders, co-leaders, assistant leaders and troop volunteers must be registered Girl Scouts.  You will receive a troop number from our recruiter.  Then, you will complete your registration here.  Be sure to add or select your role as Leader or Assistant Leader in order to make your troop official.

Background Check

When you have registered and selected your role as a leader, it will trigger a background check sent to your e-mail from Asurint.  All volunteers who work with girls go through a background check, for your safety and the girls’.

Once your background check has come been successfully completed, you will get your Welcome Letter!  Then, you are officially part of the Girl Scout family and on your way to getting to your first meeting!

Welcome Session

All new leaders start their experience with a Welcome Session.  This can either be a one-on-one with our Troop Support Specialist or a group session.  Watch your e-mail to schedule this.  The welcome session will cover

  • Council Information:  Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Training Requirements
  • Support Structure and Resources

You must complete this Welcome Session before you have your first troop meeting.

Leader Training

There is a lot of leader training available to you.  While council only requires official Leaders to go through the entire training process, we highly recommend everyone in the leadership team for the troop takes the training.  This will ensure everyone is on the same page.  At least one registered adult per troop must complete training before or within 30 days of the first meeting.

For the required and optional training available, see our council’s training portal here.  You will need to “create new account” the first time you want to access it.

Occasionally, we have face to face training in the service unit.  We will publish when those trainings are available.