Staying Connected

The key to a successful troop is staying connected.  We have many resources for you locally.  Please reach out and get connected to us.

Attend Leader Meetings

Click here for information about our leader meetings for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout year.

The purpose of our leader meeting is to

  • Connect troops in our local area
  • Share local information on events, workshops, girl opportunities, and volunteers
  • Share council information on events, programs, and training
  • Share Girl Scout information on programs and opportunities that affect us all!
  • Provide a venue for leaders to ask questions, receive support, and network with other leaders in the local area

Get on the Leader List

We send information out via e-mail several times a month.  If you are listed as the official leader or assistant leader for your troop (on your official membership “role”), you will be added to the Service Unit leader list.  If you have questions, please e-mail

Join the Facebook and Band Groups

We also use two social media apps to connect with our leaders.

Facebook:  active leaders are welcome to join our private Facebook group.  Send the e-mail you use to login to Facebook to  Do not send a friend request.

Band:  we have recently added Band into our connectivity options.  Band is a great app for us in that it is private, can be accessed on the desktop, phone, mobile device or laptop without having to use a social media login.  It is great for people who don’t have Facebook and don’t want to create other social media accounts.  We can e-mail, set events, and communicate with our leader community.  If you did not get your invite link to Band, contact to request the current link.