New Leaders

Welcome New Leaders!  We are excited to have you join the Service Unit 406 team!  We have a large team of volunteers here to help you as you start up your troop and take your girls on a journey of a lifetime.

Getting Started

Congratulations, you are a new leader!  Now what?  There are several start up activities for you to do.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all at once!  Take your time and ask for help if you need it.  We have broken them down into specific areas of “To Do”.  Here is a handy guide to help you out:


To Do’s
Becoming A Leader
Staying Connected
Starting Your Troop

Becoming A Leader

Register as a Girl Scout and complete your background check:

  • Visit our council website to begin your registration and background check process:
  • When prompted for a troop number, make sure you use the format “troop12345” with the word “troop”, no spaces, and your five digit troop number
  • Make sure you select Troop Leader as your position/role
  • After you register, you will receive an e-mail to complete your background check
  • You will receive a welcome letter from Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana with the next steps

Do your Welcome Session
After you have a troop number, meet with Michele, our new leader mentor.  She will give you information about our council, our service unit (our local area volunteer group) and more information about getting started with your troop.  Michele will send you an e-mail (will come from – no space) welcoming you as a new leader and explaining your next steps.

Take your leader training
Part of your congratulations letter from Girl Scouts will include leader training information.  There are several required trainings for leaders (and highly recommended for assistant leaders as well).  All training is accessed through the training portal here:

Your login to the portal is different from your login to MyGS (the registration system).  If this is your first time, create your login (special characters and numbers needed) and then select the process.

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Staying Connected

Attend the leader meetings:
Our leader meetings are the 1st  Tuesday of every month unless noted.
Mead Junior High School
1765 Biesterfield Road
Elk Grove Village
Enter at Door 1 and proceed to the cafeteria
Doors open at 6:30pm
Meeting starts at 7:00pm and ends around 8:00pm

Meeting Dates for 2018-2019
August 28th (our September meeting – moved to accommodate back to school open houses)
October 2nd
November 6th
December 4th
January 8th (moved due to school holiday schedule)
February 5th
March 5th
April 2th
May 7th
May 28th (tentatively our last meeting – will be determined at the October meeting)

Get on the service unit leader list
Help us to make sure you are getting the information you need from our service unit.  Please forward the following information to Donna-Marie, our registrar, at  She keeps the list current for our service unit and all of our team uses this list to send e-mails out with important announcements.

Information to send:

  • Your name:
  • Your troop number:
  • Your school and the grade of the girls in your troop:
  • Your address:  we will not give it to anyone, just for our information
  • Your phone number:  we will only give to our school organizers and our team for contact
  • Your preferred contact e-mail:  we will only give to our school organizers, our council representatives, and our team for contact.

Note about e-mails:  some troops set up a troop e-mail such as,
so they don’t have to use their home or work e-mails.  This keeps Girl Scout e-mails separate and you can use it for anything with your troop.

Get connected with us with Facebook
We have a private Facebook group where you can get information and ask questions
as well.  To join, please send the e-mail you use for Facebook to Selena at with the request to add you to the Facebook group and she will send you an invite to the group.  Don’t send a friend request as that will remove you from Facebook if the account is ever changed.

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Starting Your Troop

Volunteer Essentials has a lot of suggestions for starting up your troop.  See the quick start guide at the beginning of Volunteer Essentials and then the Appendix:  Troop Volunteers for more suggestions.  You will receive one Volunteer Essentials for the troop.  The electronic/on-line version may be found here.

Determine meeting place, dates, and times
This is up to the leaders as your schedule and availability will drive your meeting dates and times.  Many of the schools allow Girl Scouts to meet locally.  Please see your school organizer for information about your particular school.  We do have district contacts to reserve the scout room at your school.

Once you have done this, update your opportunity catalog (where the information is put so families can register to your troop).  Do this at and make sure we know where and when you are meeting by sending an e-mail to Donna-Marie at

Recruit girls and volunteers
Here are some suggestions to getting families to participate in your troop.  Your troop
does not have to be large to get off the ground.  You will gain members by word of mouth in no time!

  • Hand out flyers to interested families – Tessa will help you get started on that.  email to get started!
  • Have the girls talk about Girl Scouts to their friends
  • Make invitations for a Girl Scout party at the school
  • Touch base with Jen, our girl placement specialist at to see if there are any girls interested in your area to join your troop!

Open a checking account for troop funds
All troops have checking accounts for their funds.  We have several options available to you for banking. Contact Christy at and she will help you get started.  We have additional team members available to help you get your account started.  See Chapter 5: Finances in Volunteer Essentials for specific information about finances, bank accounts, and troop funding.

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