Cookie Program

Hello and welcome to the 2019 Cookie Program!  Below is some information for you to use as we go through the season.

e-Mail Addresses

Please be sure to add the following e-mail addresses into your personal e-mail.

  • (Chris and Selena both check this)
  • (this is what important e-mails from the eBudde system come through)
  • (this is what important e-mails from Digital Cookie come through)

Our Service Unit Cookie Blog Posts 2019

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There are many different resources available to leaders, families and girls.  Below are some links to help you out.  General Cookie Resources includes information about the cookie program in general from our council, the national organization and ideas and information from the baker we have in our area:  Little Brownie Bakers.  Order Entry Resources include links to the on-line systems we use and some help documents you can use at the troop level or for families.  Finally, our service unit has some resources we’ve shared in the past to help you out.

General Cookie Resources

Order Entry

Our Service Unit

Our council resources

Our national resources

Official Cookie Activity Pin and Official Badges

Cookie Pro Contest

Little Brownie Activities

Little Brownie Blog

eBudde – for leaders

Digital Cookie – for families

Help with on-line systems (scroll down on page)

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Cards: Troop Info

Cards: 2019 cookie cupboard




Cookie History


Girl Scout Cookie History

Timeline of Adventure


Meet the Cookies

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Cookie Descriptions