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Need ideas for planning your next Girl Scout adventure?

Check out our Field Trip Location Guide. It lists field trip locations and badges your troop can earn. Also check out the Field Trip Reviews that provides leader feedback about recent field trips.

Ready to begin your adventure? Here’s how to get started…

Step One – Check the Safety Activity Checkpoints for the chosen activity.

Each Safety Activity Checkpoint provides information on where to do the activity, how to include girls with disabilities, where to find both basic and specialized gear required for the activity, how to prepare for the activity, and what specific steps to follow on the day of the activity. There is additional safety information in Volunteer Essentials, “Quick Start: Using the Safety Activity Checkpoints” and “Chapter 4: Safety-Wise.”

Step Two – Complete the Trip and Travel Application and submit to at least 4 weeks before your event, if needed. Applications will be sent to GSGCNWI for approval, if your trip includes any of the following situations:

  • Overnight trip not on council property
  • Extended trip, 3 nights or more
  • Activities requiring special council approval (see Volunteer Essentials for specifics)

Step Three – Complete the Parents/Guardians Information Form for Day or Overnight Trips and email a copy to at least one week prior to the event. Please also include the following information in your email:

  • Location of trip
  • Contact name and phone number or email
  • Troop level – Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
  • Earning badge for trip? Which skill badge or fun patch?
  • Cost per girl

Need to administer medications to a girl on an event?

Have the Administering Medication to a Minor Form completed by the girl’s parent/guardian.

About Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of insurance are now needed ONLY for a limited number of activities including (for girls age 12 or older) operating motorized vehicles, such as go-karts and personal watercraft; use firearms; take trips on waterways that are highly changeable or uncontrollable; experience simulated skydiving and zero-gravity rooms; or fly in non-commercial aircraft, such as small private planes, helicopters, sailplanes, untethered hot air balloons and blimps.

Please notify the Field Trip team at least four weeks in advance if you will be pursuing one of these activities and we will secure the COI from GSGCNWI. Please send us a permission slip as well as contact information for the location.

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